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OpenVMS Documentation on CD-ROMs


OpenVMS SYS$LIBRARY directory

OpenVMS SYS$HELP directory

BLISS-32 Language OpenVMS SYS$EXAMPLES directory
Kednos PL/I for OpenVMS Systems User Manual Kednos PL/I for OpenVMS Systems Reference Manual
OpenVMS 7.3-2 Source Listing (Searchable) OpenVMS 8.2 Source Listing (Searchable)
Digital RDB Products

Oracle RDB7 Product documentation library

Oracle Expert for RDB documentation library

Oracle RALLY documentation library In memory of Genady Antoshenkov
Oracle Server

Oracle8 Product documentation library

Oracle8, Release 8.05 Documentation Library

Oracle7 Product documentation library Oracle7, Release 7.3.3 Documentation Library
Oracle support metalink Oracle Technology Network
Oracle support FTP site Oracle9i


MadGoat's NetLib API reference

MadGoat's MX 5.x documentation

Current RFC's site TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 The Protocols W. Richard Stevens
Building Internet Firewalls TCPWare-TCP examples library, documentation
Telephony & Telecommunication

Technical specification for signalling system no.7, MUP.

NMT World asossiation

SS7/C7 tutorial IP Telephony
OpenSS7 project OpenH323 project
CCITT documents set

A resource for packet-switched conversational protocols.

3GPP2 (3rd Generation Partnership Project 2)  
Internet Software for OpenVMS and other links...

Process Sofware Corp. ,  support site of TCPWare-TCP

Digital Equipment Corp. , service site of OpenVMS

Data Processing Design , support site of Gold-FAX Server/OVMS MadGoat Software , support site of  MX 4.2, NetLib 2.3
DEC Threads NNTP server RADIUS server for OpenVMS
Mark Daniel , WASD HTTP server Kednos PL/I for OpenVMS and Tru64

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